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Elon Musk delivers Tesla Cybertruck after 4 years

Four years after its debut, Tesla has started delivery of its first electric pickup ‘Cybertruck’ in America. Company CEO Elon Musk handed it over to the first 10 customers in a delivery event held at the company’s factory in Texas city late on Thursday night.

Once fully charged, it has a claimed maximum range of up to 548 Km. Its starting price is Rs 50.85 lakh. The company said that its cheapest rear-wheel drive model will be available by 2025. It will have a range of 402 kilometers.

Cybertruck is available in three variants –
Cybertruck is available in three variants – rear wheel drive, all-wheel drive and Cyberbeast. It was unveiled in the year 2019. It was to be launched for $39,900 i.e. around Rs 33 lakh, but now its price has crossed Rs 50 lakh. Till now about 19 lakh people have booked it.

Tesla Cybertruck: ExteriorThe body of Tesla’s Cybertruck is made of ‘ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel’. Its overall design is boxy. Like other Tesla models, the Cybertruck also has a ‘frank’ under the bonnet as there is no engine. This is a kind of small storage.

Tesla Cybertruck: Interior
The overall styling of the electric truck’s interior is similar to that of the pre-production units and concept models. Its interior look is based on a unique white and gray theme. Its dashboard layout is plain and simple like other Tesla models. There is also a large 18.5-inch touchscreen display in the center of the dashboard. The steering wheel is in square shape like typical Tesla cars.

The touchscreen display features controllers for bed cover, suspension settings, steering adjustment and wing mirror settings. Apart from this, child lock, headlamp, sentry mode, car wash mode and some other controllers are also available. A 9.4-inch touchscreen has also been provided for the rear passenger.


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