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Google will make you rich, you can earn big money in these 5 ways

Earn Money From Google: Google is far ahead in terms of technology. Apart from answering all your big and small questions, it also gives you an opportunity to earn. You can earn a good amount of money by using Google properly. Here we are telling about 5 such services of Google, through which you can earn money.

Google is not just a search engine but also a popular tool which you can use in many ways. These methods also include earning money. There are many ways to earn with the help of Google, so you can choose the best way based on your skills and target.

Although Google gives you many opportunities, but here we are telling you about the five best methods. These include services like Google Adsense, Play Store, Cloud Platform. Know about them…

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising program that pays you for showing ads on your website or blog. When a user clicks or views your ad, you get money in return.

Google Play Store

Google Play is a digital store where you can sell apps, games, music, movies and other digital content. When a user buys your product or service, you get money.Google Cloud PlatformGoogle Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service that provides you with computing, storage, and networking solutions to run your websites, apps, and other applications. You can charge service charges or subscription fees from your customers using Google Cloud Platform.


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