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Turkey offers Russia-Ukraine more talks

Ankara is working to bring Ukraine’s and Russia’s foreign ministers back together for talks, according to Turkey’s top diplomat.
Mevlut Kavusoglu, speaking to Turkey’s “A Haber” channel, said the meeting could take place within two weeks.

His comments came after a one-on-one meeting between Ukrainian and Russian negotiators in Istanbul earlier this week.

The decisions reached during the talks, according to Cavusoglu, were not fully implemented on the ground. “Some decisions were made following this meeting, particularly in regards to de-escalation of tensions, but we do not believe these decisions were implemented on the ground, such as the decision to withdraw Russian troops from certain areas.”

When asked about the presence at the talks of Russia’s banned billionaire Roman Abramovich, Cavusoglu said the businesses were engaged in “useful” efforts to end the war. “From the very first day of the war, Abramovic has been making sincere efforts to end this conflict,” he said.

Significantly, Ukraine presented an expanded outline of the peace deal during talks in Istanbul on Tuesday, under which their country will remain neutral but a group of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, China, and Poland, will guarantee its security. Are included in the package.



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