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Krunal and Hooda embrace each other, forgetting the old bitterness

During the mega auction, the Lucknow Super Giants acquired Krunal Pandya and Deepak Hooda for their team. This must have been a long time coming for the fans. They’re curious to see how they treat one another once they’ve landed. Krunal was purchased for Rs 8.25 crore, while Hooda was added to the team for Rs 5.75 crore. The old enmity between these two has been a major factor in the desire to play them together. On the field, however, both of them were seen hugging each other.

Deepak Hooda had accused his former Baroda teammate of abusing him and threatening to retire in January 2021. Hooda then emerged from the bio-bubble. Following that, he stated that he had been under a great deal of mental stress. Deepak Hooda was doing net practise when Krunal Pandya arrived and misbehaved with his vice-captain Deepak Hooda, according to reports. But, ever since they were both selected for the Lucknow Super Giants team, there has been speculation about what will happen when they take the field together.



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