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Yuzvendra Chahal: Andrew Symonds and James Franklin

From the Mega Auction 2022, a charismatic spinner will be part of the Rajasthan Royals. Yuzvendra Chahal (Yuzvendra Chahal Horrific Incident) has made such an admission that it has embarrassed the entire cricketing world. He claimed that he was a member of the Mumbai Indians team and that a player on the 15th floor hanged him. He didn’t stop dying. This isn’t the first time Chahal has been subjected to such treatment in Mumbai.
Chahal discussed Australia’s all-rounder in an RCB podcast a few months ago. James Franklin (Andrew Symonds-Yuzvendra Chahal) and Andrew Symonds (Andrew Symonds-Yuzvendra Chahal) Reminiscing about an incident that went by the name of (James Franklin-Yuzvendra Chahal). He claimed that both of these players had taped Chahal’s mouth and tied his hands and feet. Not only that, but Chahal was left overnight after this.

‘It was after winning the Champions League in a hotel in Chennai in 2011,’ he explained. Andrew Symonds consumed copious amounts of ‘fruit juice’ (wine) (laughs). I was only with them at the time. James Franklin bound my hands and feet and told me, “Now you must untie.”

When told about those incidents, he said, ‘He was having so much fun that he taped my face and forgot about me.’ The party had ended, and when a sweeper arrived the next morning, he recognised me and rescued me. I told him, ‘Raat se hi,’ when he asked how long I’d been here like this.



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