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Gmail accounts that have been inactive for two years will be deleted from today

Tech company Google has started closing inactive Gmail accounts from today. The company had said in May this year that we would start deleting accounts that have been inactive for more than two years from December. This decision has been taken to protect Gmail users from threats like spam, phishing and account hijacking.

The company believes that accounts which are not being used for a long time are more likely to be tampered with. In such a situation, criminals can use these accounts for wrongdoings. Once the Gmail account is deleted, users will not be able to use the Google services associated with that account including Mail, Google Drive, Documents, Google Photos.

School, organization or business accounts will not be deleted,
only individual accounts will be deleted under the new policy. Accounts of any school, organization or business will not be deleted. Google has said that before deleting the account of the users, many notifications will be sent to them. Earlier, Elon Musk had also said that Twitter accounts which have not been in use for many years will be deleted and put in the archive.

Tech company Google will now share revenue with Canadian publishers. The Canadian government and Google have reached an agreement regarding this. Under this, Google will provide 100 million US dollars, i.e. about Rs 833 crore, to the news business across the country every year.

Canadian Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge called it “good news for journalism.” “This is good news for journalism, for Google, and for Canadians. With this, we’ve shown that it is possible to build a viable, equitable and independent news ecosystem,” he wrote on the social media platform X’s Timeline.


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