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How to know if your smartphone is waterproof or water resistant

These days, there are two types of gadgets on the market. The difference between the two is water resistance and waterproof, but most people don’t know the difference, and as a result, they end up hurting themselves. Many times, companies have been fined for making false claims, so it’s critical that you understand the difference between waterproof and water resistant. What is the difference between them, please?

What does it mean to be water resistant?

To begin, it’s important to understand that water resistance does not imply waterproofness. Water resistance means that water will have a hard time penetrating the phone’s interior, and even if a few drops of water fall on the phone, it will not be damaged. However, this does not mean that if the phone is submerged in water, it will be unharmed; in this case, the phone will almost certainly be damaged.

What does it mean to be waterproof?

There are many such smartphones on the market that have received waterproof certification, indicating that they are safe to use in water. Their unique selling point is that such a phone can be used for underwater photography. So, whenever you go out to buy a phone, make sure that the phone you choose is waterproof, water resistant, or water repellant, or else you may suffer.



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