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iPhone will now get USB-C port: Apple’s decision after EU order

A big news has come out for Apple users. Now the company has agreed to provide USB Type-C charging port in its products. This information has been given by Greg Joswick, Marketing Chief of Apple. Apple has agreed to add a single charging port to its devices only after implementing the Universal Charger Rule of the European Union (EU).

EU implemented universal charger rule 3 weeks ago
Actually, the European Union (EU) Parliament implemented the Universal Charger Rule 3 weeks ago. Under this rule, the EU directed all electronics companies to add a single charging port for all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops, by 2024. Meaning all companies will have to provide Type-C charging port in mobile phones as well. According to the report, Europeans were spending billions of euros every year just on buying chargers.

We have no option, we have to follow the rules
Greg Joswick was asked at the Wall Street Journal conference in California whether Apple will replace its iPhone’s Lightning charger with a USB Type-C charging port under the EU’s Universal Charger Rule? To this Joswick said, ‘Obviously, we have to follow the rules of the EU. Apart from this, we have no option. In such a situation, it is expected that the iPhone 15 and 16 series will be offered with Type-C charging port only.

Not happy with adapting to USB Type-C charger
Joswick said that Apple has agreed to adopt a USB Type-C charger. But, they are not at all happy with it. When asked when will Apple start providing USB Type-C charger in its iPhone models? Responding to this question, Joswick said, “Europeans are the ones who decide the time for the customers.” He did not clarify whether the phones sold by countries other than EU member countries would be switching to Apple’s Lightning charger.


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